How to Order a Credit Report on CIMWeb

The following article describes how to order a customer's credit report on the CIMWeb Portal.

Open on your web browser and login with your registered email and password.

If you have forgotten your password, click Set Password to reset your password.


Type your search parameters in the Search box. (In this instance, we will search for John Doe Excels Limited)

You can search using the customer's name, BVN, phone number or business registration number (for organizations).

Hit the Enter key or click the search icon and various results matching the search parameters will be displayed.

(Please note that you will likely have several results returned from the search. You may collapse the Credit Report Options pane to have a better view of your search results.)

Narrow your search by filtering with other parameters available such as name, address, date of birth, phone number, email or BVN. (We have seen the results returned for our John Doe search. Now we filter using Excels)

When you find the desired result for your search, select the check box (or check boxes where you have multiple results that match the particular customer).

Click Order Report to order the selected report(s).

The customer's credit report will begin processing. Reports usually take between 3-10 seconds to process and you will be notified when the report is ready for download.

When processing is done, open your Inbox at the top right corner of the page and download the report.


If you experience any issue, please contact Support via

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